New silver partner: Temprite presenting coalescent oil separators

By Sabine Lobnig, May 24, 2011, 10:26 2 minute reading

Specialising in innovative and energy-efficient components for the refrigeration industry, the US-based Temprite Company is joining as a silver partner to showcase its range of coalescent oil separators for ammonia.

Building on decades-long experience in manufacturing components for the ammonia refrigeration industry, every Temprite product is today engineered and manufactured to enhance total thermal efficiency. This goes hand-in-hand with reducing carbon emissions and providing the highest possible return on investment. Temprite also introduced the first commercially available high-efficiency coalescent oil separator for refrigeration in 1988.

Coming soon: the 920 and 920R Series for ammonia

Soon, Temprite will be adding its highly reliable and cost-effective coalescent oil separators, including all the technical details, to the product database. These two Series are particularly compatible with ammonia refrigeration systems and can decrease energy costs, ensure a longer system life and reduce carbon emissions.

Temprite’s energy-efficient 920 and 920R Series of coalescent oil separators are designed to make refrigeration systems clean and green by lowering energy costs and reducing carbon emissions. Designed for 650 PSI, all 920R series coalescent oil separators have an internal oil reservoir, hence the “R” designation.


“At Temprite we work very hard to make sure we have the best products for the broadest range of refrigerants. We knew our customers wanted to use ammonia because of its many environmental and cost benefits. However, ammonia is a challenge as a refrigerant since it literally cleans the system, putting more dirt into the filter. If you’re using ammonia, you have to have the best possible oil separation or your system will not work well, costing you money for repairs and increased energy costs. The full compatibility of the 920 and 920R Series oil separators with ammonia means that our customers have the most efficient oil separators for their system,” says Jim Nonnie, Vice President Engineering & Operations at Temprite Company.

U.S. Base - available and certified worldwide

The Temprite plant is located in West Chicago, Illinois, USA, with distribution facilities in Tokyo, Japan; Glasgow, UK; Stuttgart, Germany; Ankara, Turkey; Bangalore, India; and Sydney Australia. Temprite has worldwide distribution through wholesalers and direct sales to original equipment manufacturers, retailers and medical organizations, and through strategic partners in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Turkey, India and Australia.

As customer refrigeration systems can vary greatly, each Temprite product is tested both on in-house test beds and in the field, using a variety of parameters. Every time there’s a new standard to meet, Temprite products help customers meet it. All Temprite components are UL, CE, CRN and CSA certified.


By Sabine Lobnig

May 24, 2011, 10:26

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