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By Sabine Lobnig, Mar 18, 2009, 13:37 2 minute reading

The leading Japanese compressor and refrigeration systems manufacturer has joined as the first Gold Partner of to demonstrate its clear commitment to R717. Over the coming months, Mayekawa will gradually add its state-of-the-art solutions to the platform.

At last year’s leading German trade fair Chillventa, Mayekawa MYCOM unveiled its new R717-CO2 cooling solution “NewTon 3000” to the European audience. The freezer, integrating an ammonia compressor, a CO2 receiver and a CO2 condenser, is used for cooling warehouses. Up to that moment, Mayekawa had already installed around 20 units of the CO2-NH3 freezer in Japan. Having been produced and sold only on the Japanese domestic market, the unit could appear on the European market within the next two years, as Mayekawa’s cooling solution has met high interest from the industry.

NewTon 3000 is only the latest example of Mayekawa’s active contribution to promoting the widespread use of natural refrigerants around the world. Building on broad experience in thermal engineering and its brand name “MYCOM”, Mayekawa has long been a synonym for high quality compressors. The newly developed NH3 compressor for cold storage refrigeration combines high efficiency with energy savings of up to 20% compared to conventional HFC refrigerators. Mayekawa’s approach to limit the use of ammonia to one sixes is in line with other attempts in the ammonia-using industry to fully exploit the potential of R717 while ensuring highest safety levels.

Another two products that will soon join the product database are Mayekawa’s new M Series and J Series compressors optimised to use R717. The J-Series screw compressors are covering a wide application range, being compatible with the natural refrigerants ammonia, carbon dioxide, or hydrocarbons.

Mayekawa’s commitment to the “Natural Five”

Actively addressing energy shortage and the global warming challenge, Mayekawa has shifted its focus towards the “natural five” refrigerants carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, ammonia, water, and air. At last year’s G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in July, the company presented its latest product developments using these five refrigerants to demonstrate that the complete range of air conditioning, freezing, heating, and hot water supply can be covered by “chemical refrigerant free” technology.


“We are happy to join as the first Gold Partner to actively support the development of this much-needed exchange platform for the global ammonia industry. MYCOM Mayekawa again demonstrates that we are leading the industry when it comes to issuing a clear commitment to natural refrigerants,“ says Kuniaki Kawamura, Managing Director, MYCOM Mayekawa.

About Mayekawa(MYCOM)

Mayekawa(MYCOM) is the compressor brand of the leading Japanese compressor and refrigeration systems manufacturer Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1924 and since then has increased its market share to 70% from the Japanese industrial refrigeration market, and 30% from the world’s industrial refrigeration market. Now more than 25,000 MYCOM compressors are running in over 100 countries.


By Sabine Lobnig

Mar 18, 2009, 13:37

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