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Product specifications

  • Supplement to an ammonia refrigeration system
  • Removes water from the refrigerant cycle without having the machines shut down
  • Heats the aqueous ammonia, boiling the ammonia out of the water (either with an electric or hot gas heater)
  • Distilled ammonia flows out of the dryer and is fed back into the separator
  • At the end of the cycle, the controls start the next filling and distillation process
  • Signal lights on the operator panel provide information about the relevant operating status of the dryer
  • Type 150H: 0.2 kW input power; dimentions 2200 mm length / 750mm width / 1000 height
  • Type 150E: 1.8 kW input power; dimentions 2200 mm length / 750 mm width / 1000 height


  • Ensures longer operational life as well as lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Keeps the refrigerant circuit dry and clean and the refrigeration system running efficiently
  • Operating costs for the refrigeration system are reduced
  • Prevent overmoisturizing of refrigeration system causing corrosion 


  • Ammonia (R717) refrigeration systems
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