AIR-NH3: excess air monitor for ammonia refrigeration systems

  • Displays excessive pressure due to air and other noncondensibles
  • Calculates and displays the approximate accumulated cost of energy penalty due to excess air
  • For ammonia refrigeration systems

Product specifications

  • Stand-alone, integrated excess air (non-condensable gas) monitor for ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Sensor continuously measures refrigerant pressure and temperature at the outlet of a condenser to determine if there is any excess air
  • Will display “air” reading in PSIG or BAR on the backlit LCD on the controller
  • Readings (pressure, temperature, or excess air) able to be displayed independently
  • Excess pressure indication: 0-50 psi (0-3.4 bar)
  • This monitor consists of a water-tight controller, a pressure transducer and a temperature sensor


  • Calculates a reasonable estimate of the total energy cost penalty due to air because of a non-existent, underperforming or non-functioning purger
  • The cumulative energy cost penalty is updated on an hourly basis and is displayed in dollars (euro, or other currency equivalent)
  • Auxiliary alarm output is available to alert an operator when excess pressure, due to excess air, exceeds a field-specified setting


  • Ammonia refrigeration systems


AIR - NH3: Excess Air Monitor brochure

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