IIAR invites comments on revised NH3 standard

By Sabine Lobnig, Jan 20, 2010, 11:29 1 minute reading

The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) is proposing to amend its standard currently serving as a guide to the design, manufacture, installation, and use of ammonia mechanical refrigerating systems in industrial occupancies.

For the purpose, the IIAR has designated a proposed addendum to standard ANSI/IIAR 2-2008, "American National Standard for Equipment, Design, and Installation of Ammonia Mechanical Refrigerating Systems".

Being responsible for technical content of the standard, the IIAR is inviting stakeholders’ participation in the public review and/or the ANSI consensus process for approval of the proposed addendum (Addendum "a" for ANSI/IIAR 2-2009).

The proposed addendum will add both informative and normative appendices to the standard, clarifying mandatory requirements and definitions, specifically for the following issues:
  • Amending Section 11.3.3 regarding materials requirements for pressure-relief discharge piping
  • Revision to definition of machinery room (Chapter 3, Machinery Room)
  • Revisions to Chapter 13, Machinery Room Design
  • Addition of informative "Appendix L," covering machinery room signage
Next steps

The 45-day public review period will be open until 22 February 2010.

IIAR will use the canvass method of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop evidence of consensus among affected parties. IIAR is the ANSI-accredited standards developer for ANSI/IIAR 2-2009. ANSI's role in the revision process is to establish and enforce standards of openness, balance, due process, and harmonisation with other American and international standards. 


By Sabine Lobnig

Jan 20, 2010, 11:29

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