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Refrigeration and air conditioning technology are of inestimable value in our world. They allow food to be transported over thousands of miles and then be stored, without loss of freshness and quality. In buildings, air conditioning brings a distinct improvement to living and working conditions. Every day blood banks save the lives of countless people, while many products, such as semiconductors, can only be manufactured with this technology. In all these situations it is essential that the refrigeration and air conditioning systems function reliably.

For more than 80 years, BITZER has been manufacturing refrigeration compressors – the “heart” of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. The company is considered a global leader in the production of reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors for air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump applications. BITZER, the specialist for refrigeration compressors, is also well-known in the ammonia (R717) business and is offering a wide range of ammonia compressors. In addition to compressors, condensing units and pressure vessels are part of the large BITZER product range. The products are supplied around the world by more than 40 subsidiaries operating in over 90 different countries.

Corporate facts and figures

  • Employees: 3,400 worldwide (2016)
  • Sales: €680 million (2016)
  • Locations: more than 40 operating subsidiaries on all five continents and in over 90 countries


  • 1934: Martin Bitzer founds the company Apparatebau für Kältetechnik, which later became BITZER
  • 1961: Ulrich Schaufler, a qualified engineer, takes over the company from Martin Bitzer
  • 1979: Following the death of Ulrich Schaufler, his son Peter Schaufler takes over the company
  • 1990s: With a new plant in Germany and worldwide subsidiaries, BITZER becomes a leading company in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry
  • 2000s: Additional plants are added around the world
  • 2008: BITZER Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH & Co. Holding KG is converted into a European Corporation (SE), BITZER SE
  • 2007: Acquisition of Lodam electronics a/s, Denmark
  • 2009: 75th anniversary and THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION is established: Charitable foundation with three pillars: • Research and teaching in the fields of refrigeration, refrigerants and environmental protection • Business continuity • Art
  • 2012: Acquisition of Lumikko Oy, Finland
  • 2013: Acquisition of Armaturenwerk Altenburg GmbH, Germany
  • 2014: 20th anniversary of BITZER China and inauguration of the new BITZER China plant
  • 2015: Senator h. c. Peter Schaufler leads BITZER for 36 years and heralds a new era. His outstanding lifework inspires both the motivation and the obligation to continue to set benchmarks in refrigeration and air conditioning technology with BITZER. After the death of Peter Schaufler his wife Christiane Schaufler-Münch assumes the chair of both – the Administrative Board of BITZER SE and the Board of Trustees of THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION
  • 2016: BITZER inaugurates its international training centre SCHAUFLER Academy in Germany. The company has named it in honour of Senator h. c. Peter Schaufler, the long-standing owner of the firm who passed away in 2015

Shareholders of BITZER SE: 51% Christiane Schaufler-Münch, 49% THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION



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