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By Charlotte McLaughlin, Nov 21, 2017, 10:25 2 minute reading

updated at: Jul 06, 2018, 09:54

The company is a leading innovator in fully welded plate heat exchangers.

Based in Finland, Vahterus is a 30-year-old company and the inventor and pioneer of Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (PSHE) technology. PSHEs are a fully welded plate pack of circular plates, with pressure containment achieved using a strong, unique shell construction, and “are widely used in different kinds of installations such as chillers, cold stores, ice rinks, air conditioning and heat pumps,” said Jonathan Pascoe, president of Vahterus Americas.

To showcase how these ammonia solutions can yield environmental and safety benefits, the company has become a bronze partner on

“We have very positive hopes for the use of ammonia in Europe in the future. There has been a demand for ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons over the 27 years history of Vahterus and the increase in the use of ammonia is possible only by spreading information and knowledge, to train people in design and handling,” Pascoe explained.

We have very positive hopes for the use of ammonia in Europe in the future."
– Jonathan Pascoe, president, Vahterus Americas

Apart from its well-known standard PSHE technology, the company has invested in low-charge ammonia solutions as well.

“There has been a significant increase in the requests for low-charge ammonia applications during the history of our company. [...] The demand for low-charge applications is primarily driven by certain governmental rules and international accepted codes and standards, such as [the European standard known as] EN378,” he told

The PSHE technology has also been used in innovative ways. One such installation was in the Post Finance Arena, an arena in Bern, Switzerland, which used an ammonia-CO2 cooling system.

“The demands for the new cooling system were to provide an energy efficient facility to cover cooling and warming requirements for all seasons of the year,” he said.

“This installation includes 20 Vahterus PSHE, specifically selected in order to save space in the machine room without any compromise in system efficiency. As a result, the amount of ammonia in the system was reduced from 11,000 to 1,800 kg with the new system utilizing Vahterus PSHE.”

In addition to the PSHE the company boasts the Vahterus Combined, which integrates the evaporator and separation system within a single vessel, according to Pascoe. “This makes the installation much easier with a smaller footprint and further reduced ammonia charge. We can offer the Vahterus Combined over a large capacity range, and during the development of this product, low refrigerant charge was one of our primary aims,” he explained.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Nov 21, 2017, 10:25

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